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10 Reasons Why People Like WordPress

10 Reasons Why People Like WordPress

A lot of web professionals like WordPress. In this post, I am going to show you some of the reasons behind this.

WordPress is the world’s most used system for websites. It is therefore obvious that even SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) use WordPress for their website. Here are 10 reasons why WordPress is THE system among content management systems, especially for small businesses.

1. Anyone can build their own website using WordPress

You often hear: If you can use Word, you can also use WordPress. It’s not that easy, but WordPress is still the most user-friendly content management system on the market. The user interface is intuitive and understandable even to non-experts. Designs can be installed individually without programming knowledge. Features are easily added with plugins. And if you still have some trouble (for example, with the important issue of security), WordPress developers are happy to help.

2. People can update their WordPress sites themselves

Updates are particularly important to prevent hackers and script kiddies from ruining your site. You do not need an expensive agency for updates, the update system is so easy that even non-developers can understand and use it.

3. WordPress is free

It’s not always about costs, that’s obvious. But to be able to use free software that is still really good… what else can you ask for?

4. WordPress can be installed with just a few clicks

Installing WordPress is also very simple. Usually only a few clicks are enough for the page to be online. Some web hosts even offer one-click installations.

5. WordPress is a great blogging platform

Nowadays, corporate websites are unimaginable without a blog or news section. WordPress offers the best conditions for this.

6. Anyone can easily change the design of their WordPress site

Every few years, websites undergo a relaunch process when the site just does not look fresh anymore and has to become more modern. Switching themes on WordPress just cannot be easier. Get and install a free theme or premium theme on the web. Your new look is done.

7. WordPress is easy to extend

With the help of countless plugins WordPress can be extended as desired. A portfolio gallery, an online shop, a community … there are no limits.

8. WordPress has a huge developer community

And if you are having trouble with your website, there are plenty of good people on the market who develop and support WordPress. Freelancers offer their services for a small fee. If you need comprehensive and unlimited support, you can contact professional agencies.

9. WordPress is predestined for SEO

SEO (ie the optimal preparation of a website for search engines like Google) is very important. WordPress offers Out-Of-The-Box good on-page SEO with its themes and lots of good SEO plugins.

10. Easy maintenance with one-click updates

A WordPress website requires no major maintenance. Only updates should be done regularly. And that’s especially easy with one click. No need for expensive developer hours. Conclusion: Small and medium-sized companies usually have to look at the money when it comes to building a website. Tailored solutions are often expensive and do not pay off. With the help of WordPress, many advantages can be exploited to enable these companies to make a website.